Education is such a CHORE

Hey lovelies! This is a short update on my post-secondary school life. I'm graduating in about four months and I don't know where I'm headed. Some of you probably know that I applied to a couple of schools in the US, took the SAT and ACT, registered at EdUSA, went for YYAS... all because I... Continue Reading →


THS Class of 2018

Yes, I am graduating this year. In a few hopefully short months, I will be a high school graduate. Praise Jesus, Hallelujah! My school held a photoshoot for us and it was done by the amazing Deke of @dpkphotography (Instagram). Definitely check out her page. I'll leave the link at the end of this post.... Continue Reading →

A mild case of social anxiety – A History

I’ve accepted it, honestly. That doesn’t mean it’s not tiring sometimes though. Sometimes I get angry at myself for not being as outspoken as the next person. I get angry at myself for not being a different person. I get angry at myself for throwing opportunities out the window because I don’t think I’m good... Continue Reading →

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